Malayalam Google Translate Version Released

Malayalam Google Translate Version Released
  • Malayalam Google Translate Version Released


Google Language Translation Team released Malayalam Google Translate Version

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Google’s Language translation tool, Google translate constantly adding new languages to the services but this time the update is remarkable because it includes  one of the six Indian Classic Language, “Malayalam”.


And Google team remarked on including malayalam in Google Translate.

It’s been one of the most-requested languages, so we are especially excited to add Malayalam support!

This can help peoples to translate articles in other languages to malayalam in simple steps.

According to the Linguistic Survey of India, they found Malayalam is different in different areas in kerala itselfs and sometimes same words are use in different meaning. This may create some trouble in translation. Example translation of words like “Kerala is my State” may translate to “കേരളം എന്റെ സ്ഥിതി”.


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However Malayalam Google Translate Version can reach to the common Malayali people who doesn’t speak english well. And our expectation is Google will improve the Quality of Malayalam Translation soon.

Totally there are 10 new languages added to the Google Translate on 11-12-2014 according to Google Translate Blog .

  • Burmese, official Language of Myanmar
  • Malayalam, Indian Classical Language
  • Sinhala, official language of Sri Lanka
  • Sundanese, is spoken on the island of Java in Indonesia
  • Kazakh, native language  in Kazakhstan.
  • Tajik, spoken by people in Tajikistan and beyond.
  • Chichewa (Chinyanja), is spoken in Malawi and surrounding countries.
  • Malagasy, national language of Madagascar.
  • Sesotho,  National language of Lesotho and one of 11 official languages in South Africa.
  • Uzbek (Oʻzbek tili), spoken by  people in Uzbekistan.

And now the total languages on Google Translate become 90.

Other Indian Languages in  Google Translate :

  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil

These 10 new languages will allow more than 200 million additional people to translate text to and from their native languages, according to the press release.


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