FlaxSeeds : Top 5 reasons to include it in your diet


Flax seeds are low cost and nutrient rich super food that you can help your self with fight against life threatening diseases and malnourishment. Flaxseeds as both nutritional and medicinal properties and here is top 5 reasons you need to include flaxseeds in diet.

  • Flaxseeds contain omega 3 ingredients also called alpha linoleic acid that reduce risk factors for heart disease. Also they are rich in soluble fiber that binds bile acids.
  • Flaxseeds will decrease tumor cell proliferation. Also lignans in flaxseeds broken in our guts by bacteria to estrogen via liver. And these prevent breast cancer by preventing tumor growth. This will reduce the breast cancer mortality by 70%.
  • Flaxseed oil relieves pain and treat carpal tunnel syndrome.
  •  Protect against lungs damages caused by radiation exposure. Also they play a vital role in protecting organs and tissues from radiation exposure such as X rays, CT Scans and radon gas.
  • It prevent Ovarian Cancer in women with help of a chemo suppressant.

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